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Vivienne Westwood, ‘Art, Mode et Subversion’, at Musée des Tissus, in Lyon opens September 2020

Lyon’s textile museum is the first in France to devote an exhibition to British Vivienne Westwood born in 1941. Back-bone of the show is the collection of her former collaborator British Lee Price, now a resident of Lyon.

The work of self-taught fashion designer Westwood, ranging from punk-wear to military cuts, draws on historical costumes, playing with British cultural codes. Curated by director Esclarmonde Monteil, assisted by Juliet Ruffet-Mouss, the show is organized chronologically and thematically in five sections.

15 Août 2020

Exhibition poster, Vivienne Westwood, Art, Mode and Subversion@Musée des Tissus, Lyon
Exhibition poster, Vivienne Westwood, Art, Mode and Subversion@Musée des Tissus, Lyon

Vivienne Westwood’s creative journey

Westwood quit work as a primary schoolteacher in 1971, to set up shop selling 1950s clothes and records on 430 King’s Road, Chelsea, London with her partner Malcom McLaren. She began creating outfits for punks who rejected the government under harsh economic conditions. Defying the British Establishment in 1974 with a new concept proposing latex and leather clothes, chains and stiletto heels, inspired by pornography and fetishism, the pair reflected and inspired societal change in the punk movement.

In the early 1980s they created collections and fashion shows under the label ‘Worlds End’, revealing Westwood’s research of clothing in non-Western societies. The first collections reflected unisex and loose-fitting looks while the collection, ‘Witches’ was inspired by punk culture of New York City. In 1983 Vivienne Westwood stopped collaborating with Malcolm McLaren.
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